Mr. Ramlan Bin Hamim

Mr. Ramlan Bin Hamim is an Educator in CPAS Assistive Technology Hub. He is responsible for building learning resources based on AT device so that technology can be fully utilized during the academic (literacy and numeracy) lessons. He participated in designing outcome goals within the AT team keeping clients learning level in mind. He also lead in advocating for AT usage among teachers e.g. lead change in shaping positivity in teachers’ attitudes towards AT usage and parents and students. He trained /upskilled teachers on AT usage together with other AT professionals i.e. scheduling sharing sessions, workshops, etc. on a regular basis. He coordinates AT use in the SPED school i.e. oversee AT usage at the school level rather than just at the classroom/individual/ad-hoc level, in conjunction with school leaders, with consideration of the combined resources – both hardware and manpower – of school and AT team. Guide teachers in AT delivery processes. Advise and educate non-teaching AT professionals in formulating AT policy, and subsequent SOPs and AT usage, that anticipates operational constraints/ classroom practices which is aligned with curriculum goals and priorities, and MOE’s expected outcomes.