Ms. Manju Mohta

Ms. Manju Mohta, is a qualified and registered Occupational Therapist by Allied Health Professional Council of Singapore. She has total clinical experience of about 14 years in Singapore and in India. Currently, in her role as a team member and Acting Head of Assistive Technology Hub of CPAS. She conducts functional skills and Assistive Technology needs Assessment for clients of CPAS (children and adults) with Cerebral Palsy and /or multiple disabilities. Following the assessment, trials and training, suitable Assistive devices are recommended by her team to the clients with an aim increase or improve their functional capabilities. She also recommends solutions to create a barrier free and easily accessible environment for CPAS clients within the center or at their homes. Her special interest is in the field of Assistive Technology, special seating, splinting, Environment Accessibility and Universal Design. She believes, that with suitable and trained use of Assistive Technology and by creating universally designed environment, enhanced opportunities can be generated for independent functioning of people with special needs.