Ms Pampi Ghosh

Pampi Ghosh, BOT(First class Hons), NDT (pediatrics) Certification (USA), Sensory integration Certification( University of southern California USA-OT 610), SIPT certified , (ACTA) –IAL , awarded by WDA  Singapore  .

Pampi is an (fully registered by allied health professional council) Occupational Therapist with a specialization in Sensory Integration (SI) and in Neuro-developmental Treatment (NDT) in pediatrics. She has been practicing since 1990 mainly with infant and children from birth to early adolescence. She is a sign post certified therapist for behavior management. She is a recognized Occupational Therapy student supervisor since 1993. Currently she is the Associate Faculty for Occupational Therapy course at Singapore Institute of Technology since 2018. Her work experiences are primarily with children having physical and intellectual disabilities, namely cerebral palsy, developmental delay, autism, downs syndrome and other chromosomal syndrome. She also has extensive experience in the management of sensory integrative disorder. Besides her professional qualification she also holds Graduate diploma in organization leadership.

Currently Pampi, is Department Head of Occupational Therapy at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore (CPAS). As head she not only supervises occupational therapy staff but also is involved in assessment and intervention for children with neuro motor (Includes special seating and posture), sensory, Upper limb and hand function, perceptual, cognitive deficits, at Early intervention center, special school, outpatient department and adult service of the centre. She was the core team member in implementation of Transdisciplinary approach at CPAS for Early intervention programme in 2013 and later was involved in implementation of Trans D approach in special school. She is the key person to set up Assistive Technology hub at CPAS and currently the advisor of AT hub at CPAS. She was also the key member to implement School to work programme in 2016.

Her special interest of training is in the area of intervention of hand function, prewriting/handwriting skills ,complex special seating and 24 hour positioning for children with multiple disability, Sensory processing and sensory Integration , visual perception /visual motor skills, upper limb facilitation and fine motor skill ,splinting , Basic Activities of Daily living such as Feeding , Dressing ,Toileting skills .She adopts the use of assistive technology and focuses on developing the functional skill areas of these children in gaining their relevant skills. She is the key member of Establishing Sensory Integration clinic and 24 hour positioning clinic at CPAS .

She has also conducted numerous training workshops for therapists, parents, and teachers on sensory integration, seating and positioning, prewriting/handwriting skills, upper limb facilitation and fine motor skill etc. and presented at national and international seminars (poster and oral presentation) and at overseas OT schools such as Thailand and India. She is the approved trainer at Social Service Institute since 2004 and Trainer at Singapore Institute of technology -OT school since 2018. She was involved and supervised numerous projects at CPAS.

She has advanced certification of training and evaluation (ACTA) –IAL , awarded by WDA  Singapore  and certified sign post trainer.