Leading Self and Others with Mindfulness and Resiliency

Course Date
20 to 21 June 2022

Registration Deadline
27 May 2022

Contact duration and timing
2 x 3 hrs Live Webinar sessions
9:00 am to 12:00 pm Webinar-Virtual classroom

Webinar-Virtual classroom

Full Course fee: $410
Course fee for
(Singaporean/PR holders) with VCF grant from SSA :
Course fee for (WP/EP Holder) with VCF grant from SSA : $348.50

Course Capacity :
Limited Slots Available
24 participants

Targeted Participants:
Executives, Managers, Team Leaders, Allied Health Professionals

Course Outline
Experts from all walks of life readily agree on one fact: The coming decade promises continued change, constant challenge, and cumulative chaos, also dubbed the VUCA environment. And with stress levels on the rise, it inevitably leads to loss of control of emotions, thus leading to bouts of anger, helplessness culminating in a feeling of loss. While it is human to experience all range of emotions, the persistent expression or suppression of emotions at the workplace has long-term impact on personal and organisational health and effectiveness.
This series of workshops will equip officers with the key tools to deal with their emotions and managing the stress such that it has minimal spill over to other areas of their lives. In addition to that, team leaders will also be introduced to techniques to improve the overall wellbeing at the workplace. The critical difference between positive and negative response to circumstances lies in the way we perceive and deal with each potentially stressful situation: resiliency -the way we cope and how we ride through the circumstances. This workshop provides a practical presentation of cognitive psychology and neuro-linguistic concepts to increase awareness of self and environment and to build strategies to overcome adversities at the individual, team, organisational and network level.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to learn to:

  • Develop self-awareness so employees learn to manage stressful situations with minimum intervention from third parties
  • Develop strategies for empowerment to manage challenges and adversities
  • Increase engagement as employees participate in problem-sharing and problem-solving as a team

Course Instructor

Rachpal Kaur Tulsi has over 25 years’ experience in training, customer service, organisational development, mentoring and coaching. As a Consultant, Rachpal has had extensive experience working with top management to conceptualise strategies for communicating the organisational mission and vision to its employees and the successful immersion of new employees to the organisation.
Rachpal specialises in delivering training programmes for developing personal and organisational leadership through changing beliefs and mindset. Organisations that have engaged her services include Fortune 100 Company and a wide range of sectors such as health, marine, oil and gas, network and telecommunication and financial services.
Rachpal has extensive experience in coaching both Senior Management and High-Potential Executives in reviewing their performance and coaching them on areas for development using 360-degree feedback, performance management standards and other tools.


Terms and Conditions
– Participants from SSAs will be eligible for the VCF subsidy based on certain criteria and on first-come-first serve basis, as only limited seats are given by NCSS.
– Participants register before 15 May, and did not receive VCF funding , may need to pay full course fee.
– Registration will be confirmed only upon receiving invoice or full payment.
– In the event of no show up for the course, course fee will be charged with no refund.

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