Social Story™ Intervention : Writing Social Stories

Course Date
15 July 2022

Registration Deadline
1 July 2022

Contact duration and timing
9:00 am to 12:00 pm

Webinar-Virtual classroom

Full Course fee: $110
Approved for Caregivers Training Grant (CTG) by Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).
Course fee :
Co-payment of $10 only payable to CPAS using QR code.
CTG is capped at $200 per child per financial year.

Course Capacity :
Max: 30 paxs

Targeted Participants:
Caregivers, Parents, Teachers, Teacher Aides, Interventionists, Interventionists Aides, Allied Health Professionals.

Course Outline
This course aims to equip the caregivers with an understanding of what social stories are and what they are used for. The caregivers will also learn the criteria in writing social stories and guidelines in implementing social story intervention. The course would provide opportunities for the participants to engage in hands-on practice in writing social stories and receive live feedback from the trainers during the workshop. The participants will also engage in group case discussions to demonstrate knowledge of implementing social story intervention.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to learn to:

  • Acquire knowledge of social stories and social intervention.
  • The different sensory systems.
  • Understand the guidelines in writing social stories and in implementing social story intervention.
  • Demonstrate the skills in writing social stories effectively.
  • Show awareness of some available Apps which can be used in illustrating social stories.

Course Instructor
Ms Jeanette Javier Bruto got more than 25 years of professional experience in Speech Language Pathology with focus on management of pediatric speech and language disorders in hospital, school-based and clinic-based settings. She is competent in the assessment, diagnosis and differential diagnosis of a wide variety of pediatric speech and language delays and disorders. She is a strong believer and practitioner of early intervention and family involvement in speech and language intervention. She is certified in the Hanen Programs for:
It Takes Two to Talk , More Than Words and Talkability. She implemented a robust speech, language and auditory program for children with hearing impairment, with or without other special needs and involvement in teams that are tasked to enhance quality of care and patient services .


Terms and Conditions
Parent / Caregivers need to fill up the CTG form, provide photocopy of NRIC /passport, birth certificate of child, signature of participant, thumb print or sign by child as required by AIC
Registration will be confirmed only upon receiving invoice or full payment.
– In the event of no show up for the course, course fee will be charged with no refund

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